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Where We Began

Where We Began

Ohana began as an idea amongst the closest of friends. Those friends wanted to work together, share their love of crazy fun, rockin' music and lasting friendships with others and to form a family unlike any other.

Ohana started as a sandcastle on the rocks welcoming friends new and old from noon each day. We have grown into a club that rocks 24/7 with the best DJs & Hosts on the grid!!

Ohana Rock Club

Ohana means family . .

Family means noone gets left behind . . . or forgotten

Visit Ohana Rock Club & you’ll receive a warm welcome & meet a crazy bunch of folk ready to make you feel right at home!

Ohana means family & friendship and that is what you will find here!

Swing on by Ohana and make yourself at home in a place where the Lemonade will always rock!

What The Future Holds

Ohana continues to grow and find new friends each day. We can't see that changing :)

We have seen many changes through our years but the idea of Ohana & lemonade remains the same

Noone ever knows what the future holds, but as long as we have folks who call us home, the light will always be on for you to have a place to rock!