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Ohana Sky Homes offers a range of homes with styles to suit every taste. The Sky Boxes are designed for those looking to live in a relaxed and stylish environment. Each home is individually designed and all come fully furnished.

All Ohana Sky Homes contain their own sex-scripted bedroom, seating area and Intan system as standard. When renting a Sky Home, you will be invited to the group by one of the estate managers which then allows you the rights to rez.

All homes come with an additional prim allowance, should you wish to rez your own items. More prims can be purchased upon request. The rental price & Prim allowance for each Sky Home is displayed above the rental box.

Below is a sample of sky homes.

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Sky Home Information

All our Skyhomes have:

  • Security system
  • Dance intan
  • Audio stream set to Ohana Rock Club
  • L$250 per Week
  • 100 prims
  • 10% discount for paying 4 weeks in advance

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