Maturity Rating

  • Ohana Sky Homes are rated as a Mature (Moderate) region.
  • We do not allow public nudity or extended use of profanity.
  • We ask that communal areas be treated with respect and your fellow Ohana residents the same. Anyone found to violate this policy may be banned from Ohana Sky Homes & removed from your property without warning or a refund of any remaining rental time,
  • What you choose to do within the walls of your property, is private & your own business.


  • Rent is due on a weekly basis. You will receive a reminder 2 days before your payment due date. You have a grace period of 1 day after the due date before you will be removed from the sky home, your items removed and the property available to rent. It is your responsibility to ensure that rental agreements are paid on time. We will not be held responsible for any items that are lost/warped when returned to your invent due to non payment.
  • Payment of rent is taken to be acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


  • We are always delighted to help you in any way. If you require support, please contact one of our support team, from our Info Hub

Prim Count

  • All of our Sky Home are rented fully furnished and come with an extra prim allocation (displayed over rent box).
  • We can remove furniture for you if you require, but there is a small charge involved, as all furniture also has to be returned after your rental finishes.
  • Our rental system keeps track of your prim usage, which you can check at any time, by touching your rent box. Should you exceed your allocation then it will notify you this has happened. It is YOUR responsibility to keep within the terms of your rental agreement with ourselves. Should you exceed your prim allocation, we reserve the right to return items to bring you back within your agreed terms.
  • We will not be held responsible for any items that are lost/warped when returned to your invent due to prims being exceeded.


  • Ohana Sky Homes do not provide refunds should you wish to vacate your property prior to your agreement ending

Rezzing Items

  • Only the Sky Box tenant and his/her partner have permissions to rez items in your sky home. Should you wish to add a partner, please contact us and we would be delighted to arrange it for you.

Security System

  • Your rental is protected from unwanted visitors by the use of our up-to-date MZD Kick-Ass Security System. As a valued renter, you will have full control over who you can add and remove to the “Allowed List” for your security system. Anyone not on that list will be banned from entering and ejected!
  • When you rent your Sky home your security system is turned OFF, so that any friends or partners with you at the time aren’t ejected! To Activate the Security, simply touch the security unit and select “ON”. Full instructions are sent to you when you rent. You can touch the security unit again for the Help NC.

General Rules

  • ALL properties on within the Ohana Sky Homes are for residential usage ONLY
  • All renters are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of their Sky Home.
  • No stalking or harassment of any kind.
  • No non-consensual player vs. player combat.
  • No littering of objects on other residents” land.
  • No flying up to other residents” sky-boxes without permission.
  • No attempts to bypass or thwart other residents” bans or security systems.
  • Ohana Sky Homes audio stream is set to the Ohana Rock Club.
  • Adult content on residential parcels must be kept inside private structures.
  • We do not allow you to place high fences/walls around the borders of your properties.
  • Except for furniture or plants on Sky Homes with a balcony, nothing is to be rezzed outside of the sky box itself
  • No high lag scripted objects. We reserve the right to limit number of active scripts residents use in their skybox if the performance of the SIM or those around it is impacted.
  • We do not allow particle emitters on the parcels
  • We do not allow pets/breed-ables. Objects which reproduce and move around may not be brought on to any Ohana plot or Sky Home. This includes but is not limited to Sion Chickens, S-Design Turtles and all similar objects.
  • No high-rise structures or flying/hovering objects
  • We follow ToS from LL . Items and tenants that break these rules will be informed and we reserve the right to remove you from the community should any rule breaking occur.
  • Please DO NOT cam into other residents properties, it is their personal space and should be respected.
  • Sky Homes are supplied as fully furnished units and as such we do not allow return of items. We can remove items for you if you wish for a charge of L$500, which covers our time to remove the items and then replace them when your rental finishes.
  • Extra Prims are available on demand. They are sold in blocks of 50 prims. Each block costs L$150/wk. Please contact a member of our Support team for more information.

Most importantly, enjoy your stay here at Ohana Sky Homes 🙂

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