The price and prim allocation for your unit is displayed via your meter.

It is possible to purchase additional prims for your shop. Please contact a member of our support team for pricing and further information.


– To rent your unit simply click the rental meter, select pay and then the amount you wish to lease for.
– Once the unit is rented, it will display your rental time remaining.
– The rental box will send you a reminder when your lease is due to expire. You can pay the rental unit at any time to extend your lease.
– If you go into arrears, you will be removed from both the rental unit and the mall group. Your items will also be returned.
– We are not responsible for the loss of any items in that process.
– It is your responsibility to ensure your rent is paid in good time.

Rental shop space is not for residential use.

Sim Rating

– The Ohana Cove Sim is rated as Mature. We do not allow nudity, the promotion of sexual acts or anything sexually descriptive.
– Please ensure that your products and advertising for them are in keeping with the maturity rating. (No nude bits on display)
– Any items found not to do so will be returned at our discretion. We are not responsible for the loss of any items in that process.

Prims & Rezzing items

– Please ensure you stick to the prim limit you have been allocated. Your allowance can be found via your rental meter.
– Should you wish to increase your prim allocation please contact a member of the Mall Management.
– Any items you rez must be kept within your shop boundaries. Please ensure items do not protrude the walls. Any items doing so may be returned. We are not responsible for the loss of any items in that process.
– We do permit items to be rezzed on your shop front provided they are in keeping with the theme of the mall, do not give a cluttered appearence or extend past the raised stone front of the store.
– To rez your items you need to be wearing your mall tag. If for any reason you do not receive an invite to the mall group upon renting, please contact a member of the Mall Management so they can arrange one for you.

Items not permitted

– Visitor Counters
– Group Inviter’s
– Shouters
– Landmark givers for other malls or clubs
– Advertisements for other malls or clubs
– Gambling machines of any kind
– Any pictures of nudity. Genitalia must be covered.
– Items which violate TOS and or Intellectual property rights.
– Heavily scripted items such as affiliate vendors
– Particles
– Hover text should be turned OFF

Affiliate Vendors

– We do not permit more than one affiliate in the Ohana Mall per brand.
– Should we find a duplicate affiliate vendor, the newest vendor will be approached to request they change their brand. Should this not be possible we will look to remove your items from your store/Pod.
– It is your responsibility to check their is no duplicate affiliate prior to renting your store/pod.

Abandonment Clause

Any shop found to have been vacated prior to rental renewal will have their rental terminated without refund.

General Rules

– No Nudity
– No Biting (bloodlines, hunger or anything similar)
– No Harassment
– No Solicitation
– No X cite Parts
– No Particles
– Weapons must be holstered.
– No Child Avatars

Additional Information

– The Ohana Mall does not encourage or allow the sale of copyrighted materials not belonging to you.
– Ohana is not responsible for and violations of intellectual property rights by Mall Vendors.
– Any Mall Vendor found to be items that have been copybotted will be removed without refund.
– Please remain in the mall group once you have set your shop up. This ensures you can continue to rez new items and also keep up to date with any important updates concerning the mall.
– Ohana Mall Management reserve the right to refuse any stores which we deem as unsuitable.
In the unlikely event that you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the mall management group