Ohana Mall

About The Ohana Mall

Ohana Mall offers unique items from your favourite SL designers
Ohana Mall is based on a fantastic sim offering a variety of services.

The Mall area is dedicated to fashion, shopping and those who want to be noticed in SL with a spacious open feel with modern design units.

At Ohana Cove you will also find the popular Ohana Rock Club & a Selection of Sky Homes.

The units are desgined to give a light and spacious feel and the mall area has been individually landscaped for maximum impact.

Why Choose the Ohana Mall?

  • High Traffic Sim
  • Direct Eyesight of the Club – High Visibility
  • Elegant & Modern Design
  • The Mall area is easily accessed from the Landing point to the club
  • Your Shop Logo is displayed in the Landing Zone
  •  The Mall is regularly promoted throughout the day by both DJ & Hosts in the Ohana Rock Club
  • Dedicated Mall Managers
  • Our stream is available throughout SL & out of world meaning maximum advertisement of the mall
  • The Mall is also advertised on the Öнαnα яock Club website
  • All this is done at no cost to yourself

Ohana Mall offers a variety of retail units for a variety of prices and prim availability. Simply TP to the sim to see what’s on offer!



To rent your unit simply pay,the rental meter in your chosen store. You will have a choice of the amount you wish to lease for.

  • Once the unit is rented, it will display your rental time remaining
  • You need to pass a full perm copy of your logo to one of the Mall Managers

The rental box will send you a reminder when your lease is due to expire. You can pay the rental unit at any time to extend your lease.

Ohana Mall – Terms & Conditions

Contact Information

Should you require more information, please contact any of the following, or use our Contact Form.

  • Mollie Somersley (GMT)
  • Chavonne Mcauley (EST)